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"One can expect a very thorough and well-communicated experience using Bright Eyes' services. The prices are the most reasonable in this country and elsewhere. I highly recommend using Bright Eyes, as I intend to for future projects."
–Barb Lanier, www.blackborderseries.com
Grayson, GA

Manuscript Typing + Formatting

Typesetting Services:

We can take your typewritten or longhand piece and turn it into a properly formatted, electronic version, checked thoroughly for typographical and grammatical errors (depending on the service you choose); all using your choice of Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect. All manuscripts are typed double-spaced with 1" margins using a 12 point Arial font to meet submission guidelines.

Why do I need Bright Eyes to produce my manuscript?

Many authors don't understand how important the presentation of a properly formatted manuscript is to prospective agents or editors. Although it will not guarantee immediate sale or representation, it will dictate whether your manuscript is looked over and actually considered, or if it is simply thrown in the dreaded "slush pile" without even a fleeting glimpse into the story. You may have written the next best seller, but if that manuscript is not properly formatted and editorially presentable, it may never be given the chance it truly deserves.

NOTE: Based on the length of the project, a down payment will be due at time of submission; the remaining balance will be invoiced upon completion. Proper formatting is automatically included in the typsetting service.

Rates for typesetting:

Rates for editorial services:

*See Editorial page for details on copy-editing and proofreading services.
Quality work takes time - typical turnaround for manuscript work is four weeks; rush jobs (two weeks or less) will be quoted on an individual basis.

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